Vancouver Referencing Generator

Origins of Vancouver referencing

Vancouver referencing is also known as an author-number referencing system. Vancouver referencing is very popular among scientific journals. Foundation of Vancouver citation style came into the picture in 1978. Editors from various medical journals ICMJE met in Vancouver, BC, Canada to agree on a unified set of requirements for articles of such journals.

Types of Vancouver citation

Labeling citations in Vancouver referencing style is different in various universities. In the case of the Vancouver referencing style, a reference list will be there which will follow the numbering system. For example, if there are 5 references in an article then all these five citations will be there in a numbering approach like 1,2,3,4 and 5. Universities from across the globe use different styles for presenting each reference. In some cases, universities follow the first bracket concept in which numbers against one reference will be there in a first bracket for example (1), (2), (3), and so on. Other universities follow the square bracket labeling concept as [1], [2], [3], and so on.

The Superscript labeling technique is also followed in various universities in which numbers against each reference present as superscript. 1,2,3 is an example of the Vancouver referencing style which follows the superscript labeling technique. The combination of superscript and square brackets is another technique that comes under the Vancouver referencing style followed in various universities across the globe.[1], [2], [3] is an example of the combination of superscript and square brackets technique. Some of the key features of Vancouver citation are as follows.

  • Intext citation always comes at the end of a sentence
  • If the author is following the superscript technique of Vancouver referencing style then he or she must follow the footnote approach. In the footnotes approach, articles used in the writing are presented on the same page in the footer section.
  • There are some similarities between IEEE referencing style and Vancouver referencing style, however, Vancouver referencing style has several sub-divisions.

Vancouver Reference Generator

Students face a real problem when it comes to generating Vancouver references. In all the public sources or scholar, Vancouver citations are not available. Google Scholar, JSTOR, Research gate are some of the major portals that offer academic sources to the public. In other words, students who are planning to take research articles for these portals won't be able to generate references in Vancouver style. My Assignment Tutors works as a Vancouver referencing generator. We have done a lot of assignments on the Vancouver referencing style. We have a lot of experts on the floor who are well aware of the Vancouver referencing style and have provided solutions on this referencing style for the last few years. We use a customized reference generating tool for getting references for articles in the Vancouver referencing style. Even if we don't get access to the Vancouver reference generator all our experts are capable of making references in Vancouver style manually.

Usage of the Vancouver Reference Style

Vancouver referencing is that as popular as Harvard, APA, and MLA. Most universities located in Canada suggest students make their assignments on the Vancouver referencing style. There are some criteria for this Vancouver referencing style. Most engineering papers follow the Vancouver referencing style. While comparing this Vancouver referencing style with other common referencing styles like Harvard and APA, then no significant difference will be there. Both referencing styles carry the same weightage in terms of proving the authenticity of the original work. Below section, an example of Vancouver citation given. The example includes a reference list and intext citation.

Vancouver Citation Example

Reference list example

  • [1] Kannan, P.K., 2017. Digital marketing: A framework, review, and research agenda. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 34(1), pp.22-45.
  • [2] Saura, J.R., Palos-Sánchez, P. and Cerdá Suárez, L.M., 2017. Understanding the digital marketing environment with KPIs and web analytics. Future Internet, 9(4), p.76.

Intext example

Digital marketing is the most emerging marketing strategy implemented by organizations to attract a wide range of customers through the internet medium [1]. Through the implementation of digital marketing techniques, organizations get full advantage of using the internet and web analytics [2].

In the above example, the square bracket labeling technique of the Vancouver referencing style used. In the writing part, there are two sentences, the first sentence obtained from the first article as a result citation made as [1]. Eventually, the second article’s content was used for writing the second sentence of the phrase. By putting a closer look at the example of a reference list, anyone can see that that author’s name and initials are there in the initial section of the reference. Then published year of that article presented. The article name and the portal in which the article currently available are the next two components of the citation. Then, the volume number and page number are the next major components of the citation in the Vancouver referencing style.

Types of sources used in references

In the academic context, journal articles, books, and newspaper articles are always known as academically reliable sources. However, in recent times several websites are there, which offer plenty of information about selected subjects. Several universities have considered websites as academically reliable sources. Using a website as a reference in Vancouver's referencing style is a bit different. In the case of citing any website, the name of the website will come in front then the year of publication will be there. then the URL of that article will be there in the website citation.

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We are committed to students for helping them by doing assignments on their behalf. Universities across the globe allocate around 20% marks of the total assignment for the referencing and format. Students often face difficulties in the process of referencing their articles. We are helping students over the years in expanding helping hands by offering different referencing styles including Vancouver, IEEE, and OSCOLA.